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From: Joe Rykowski, Sysop (cyklop@CW2.COM)
Date: 05/06/98

CI>I guess this would go under code,
CI>but is there a way to telnet to your own computer?
CI>(aka, still play a MUD on your computer, without anybody else being able
CI>to get on)

The others answered your question of how to telnet to your own
computer.. and if it's hooked to the Net and you do not want people
signing up.. you could use the built-in "wizlock".  Use "wizlock 1" to
lock out new players (existing players would be able to get in still..)
We are currently in beta/build mode, so I wizlock immediately after
bringing the server online (after a recompile, etc).

CI>It would be useful.

Yup.  And common I'd imagine.  That's why there's a wizlock command.

You might want to read up on the wizhelp and check the FAQs.

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