Re: Buffer Addon: Those silly release_buffer calls

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 05/06/98

On Wed, 6 May 1998, Gary Barnett wrote:

>>(Of course, if your MUD is C++, or C++ capable, I have a mostly working C++
>>Buffer class you can basically drop in in place of 'char *'s.)
>Ok I'll bite.

-  char name_search[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH];
+  Buffer stack(name_search, MAX_INPUT_LENGTH);

That's it for the function, no other changes.

>Mostly working? :-)

More like, it used to work.  I had all the separate buffers working just
fine without a central manager.  However, in my current tree, I have
started the central manager code and thus, it doesn't compile.  I'm
thinking I'll go back to working on the C version for awhile and then
tackle the C++ sometime in the future.

>Seriously, I hadn't explored that route myself as I don't know enough about
>C++ to trust my work. I'm currently trying to cleanup the code, rather than
>add new concepts I don't fully understand.  But. if someone were to show me
>the way ...

If you want to look, an older (before I broke it) version is at:

Try 'make test' after applying to a clean CircleMUD.

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