Re: [NEWBIE] Exp stuffs.

From: Adlictin (krobbin2@BAYOU.UH.EDU)
Date: 05/06/98

This code will go into class.c I think.  Their are some pretty big tables
set up right before all the titles.  Also, the way you want to do this
seems to me to be a recursive function because you would have to keep
calling it until you got down to level two where you have a set
expeirence.  Also, on your formula, it should be:

exp_to_level = current_exp * (1 + (100/level)) * number(1,1000)

or whatever you called it.  Tha main point is the 100/level thing won't
work because if say you wanted level 20 you would get 5 (100/20 = 5).
This is basically 500%.  Now with the 1+ (100/level) for level 20 you end
up with 1.20 which is the decimal equivalent of 120% (120/100 = 1.20).  Of
course this doesn't end up very clean because now you have a float and you
may have to type cast it to int (not sure though).  Hope this helps some.

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