[NEWBIE] Exp stuffs.

From: Owen Brodal-Robertson (firemage@ZIP.COM.AU)
Date: 05/06/98

Ok, I don't think the marjority of people who read my previous post
understood what I meant...

I now KNOW that my code doesn't work
     case 0:
       return 0;
     case 1:
       return 1;
     case 2:
       return 2000;
       return curr_exp * (100/level) + 1;

I found out that this stops people from getting past level 2...
Even when I advance them, they won't rise levels *slap self*

Ok, now, could someone help me out with the following...

I wan't to make exp needed for next level to increase by level% each

i.e. from to reach level 20, you need 119% of level 19, to reach level 21,
you need 120% of level 20, to reach 22, you need 121% of level 20 etc...

The formula for this (I think) is:

exp needed to level = exp needed by previous level * (100/level)

And I'll add a random modifier at the end... + number(1,1000);

Could someone tell me where to put this code?

I've looked at level_exp and where it's called in limits.c but I don't
think that's exactly what I need, anyone out there with experience in
levels & exp systems willing to help me out?


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