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From: Owen Brodal-Robertson (firemage@ZIP.COM.AU)
Date: 05/07/98

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> exp_to_level = 0;
> for (i = 1;i <= level;i++)  // level is the argument from the character
>   exp_to_level += handy formula (write one...  Think parabola...)
> }
> exp_to_level * modifier;
> return exp_to_level;

an even better thing to do is take whatever formula you want, and paste it
into an excel worksheet, and have it generate a table..then make the table
into an exp_perlevel array..array lookups are faster than recalculating
every time someone types score or whatever..not to mention that you can
make a cool graph to see if the function actually looks like what you
think it should..


Hey man! That's an AWESOME idea :)
Thanks to everyone for their help, I managed to use all your ideas to fix it up I think... (have to test first <G>)
I changed my formula to: exp for next level = (exp for last level/100) * (level +100).
Also, I looked at it as a chart, and saw there was a shocking rise once it got to about level  44, so at level 45 I changed it to:
exp for next level = ((exp for last level/100) * (level + 100)) / 1.1 This flattened it out a LOT!
like from 575 million to 225 million at level 55 (my last mortal level).

Anyway, thanks to everyone who replied, any comments are appreciated.

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