[Misc Long] Arena Patch & Stock Circle

From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 05/07/98


        Lets get this Arena patch thing out of the way right off. I got the Arena
patch off from Chris' page, the code I think he got from the FTP site or
Snippets site and made into a patch. Well, right off after patching it in I
noticed that it worked the commands well, but it didn't do the Arena. Okay,
I'll go through this step by step to make sure my concern/problem is

        I start the Arena by using the Chaos command, as it should be, and it
starts the messages for the Arena and everything just fine. Players type
"Arena" and are taken away to the zone that has been specified for the
Arena prep rooms (they dont have prep flags or anything, didnt see anywhere
in the code that asked for them to be defined). All the players who join
wait there until the start time of the Arena begins. When the Arena begins,
it says something like "It seems nobody was daring enough to enter the
Arena." and cancels the Arena function.

        I am sure I defined everything that the code has asked me to. I was
wondering if anyone else has used this patch and got it working the way it
is supposed to, or if they had to change some things about it to get it
working. The only thing I can think of that it might not be doing is
getting players from the Prep Rooms and putting them into the Arena, or it
isn't reconising players who are in the Zone marked with the #define for
Arena. Any ideas?

(Changes To Stock Circle)

        Going through the coding for stock Circle I have noticed a couple of
things that people may wish for the desire to be changed. Some of it is
just appearance, others are actual codes. Well, here they are. I am sure
that most people have actually changed them already, though for the few of
you who haven't, take a look.

1). A player who is Writing or Mailing is able to be summoned. Its an easy
enough fix, just put a check in there to see if they are writing or mailing
before they are summoned.

2). The Whisper/Ask command has a second return (i.e., \r\n) in it. Easy
fix as well (though most of you don't care, it annoyed me) just remove the
appropiate \r\n characters.

        Oh well, I had a whole list of them, but right now I can't find/remember
the rest of them. :( But I am sure you get the point.


        Before I start tearing out code and replacing it with my own code, I
wanted to ask if anyone has coded in Regions to their mud. Regions for my
realm are going to be the following. I would like to use Regions as a
divider, most likely into four ways (Land, Air, Water, Underdark).
Basically it Zones would be to Regions, what Rooms are to Zones (i.e., a
smaller piece of the whole). I was planning on making it so that public
channel are divided by Regions (kinda the same way shout is divided by
zones). I plan on making it so that Gods and higher can hear all public
channels regardless of regions. (which means I would have to make a way for
a God to specify what region s/he is talking to when they use a public
channel, and also show to the gods what region the channels messages came

        Another change I would like to make with regions is region restricted
equipment, but that change should be easy enough. There are some other
things as well, I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about this,
or maybe certain problems that I might run into by doing this...


        Has anyone found an ansi picture site? Or maybe an ansi program that makes
pictures? I am tired of the regular screen, and was thinking of changhing
it. I know what I want to change it to, but with all of the coding I have
been doing and thinking about, I haven't had the ambition to draw pictures
using all the little / \ < > - = characters.

Thanks for your time...

- Lord Kyu -

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