Re: [Misc Long] Arena Patch & Stock Circle

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 05/07/98

> (Arena)
>         Lets get this Arena patch thing out of the way right off. I got the Arena
> patch off from Chris' page, the code I think he got from the FTP site or
> Snippets site and made into a patch. Well, right off after patching it in I
> noticed that it worked the commands well, but it didn't do the Arena. Okay,
> I'll go through this step by step to make sure my concern/problem is
> understood.
>         I start the Arena by using the Chaos command, as it should be, and it
> starts the messages for the Arena and everything just fine. Players type
> "Arena" and are taken away to the zone that has been specified for the
> Arena prep rooms (they dont have prep flags or anything, didnt see anywhere
> in the code that asked for them to be defined). All the players who join
> wait there until the start time of the Arena begins. When the Arena begins,
> it says something like "It seems nobody was daring enough to enter the
> Arena." and cancels the Arena function.
>         I am sure I defined everything that the code has asked me to. I was
> wondering if anyone else has used this patch and got it working the way it
> is supposed to, or if they had to change some things about it to get it
> working. The only thing I can think of that it might not be doing is
> getting players from the Prep Rooms and putting them into the Arena, or it
> isn't reconising players who are in the Zone marked with the #define for
> Arena. Any ideas?

I ran into a very similar problem.  There is a define in arena.c for the
zone # of the arena (ours is currently 13)  but the zone it is asking for
is the virtual zone, so do a zreset on the arena zone and see what # zone
it is telling you that you are resettingand put that in there.  If you add
or take out any zones under the arena zone # wise, you will have to adjust
that #.

Ghost Shaidan

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