Re: Extra output in combat from Daniel Koepke at "May 8, 98 07:32:55 am"

Date: 05/08/98

> ->        send_to_char(buf, ch);
> What's buf here?  Since the long description is coming up _before_ the
> miss message and this send_to_char(buf, ch); isn't in stock code it
> seems to be the culprit.

        Damn.  I experimented with adding actual damage numbers to combat
awhile ago...

You hit the mercenary extremely hard. [13] that.  I soon realized how horrible it is to give players
info like that.  They become statisticans more than mudders. :)  So I
yanked it all out, but apparently not all of it.  *sigh* Silly silly me,
thanks for the help.

        By the way, has anyone ever had it so the player gets virtually
_no_ numerical information at all?  Hitpoints are rated like "healthy",
"moderately healthy", "wounded", "critical", etc... and so on for other
        So far I have done this (I call it "analog", and have posted parts
of it I think) for stats, alignment, armor class, and encumbrance.  I'm
curious if anyone has implemented or played at a mud where everything is
in an analog-type mode, and how the players liked/reacted to it.
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