Re: Extra output in combat

From: Chuck Reed (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 05/08/98

>        So far I have done this (I call it "analog", and have posted parts
>of it I think) for stats, alignment, armor class, and encumbrance.  I'm
>curious if anyone has implemented or played at a mud where everything is
>in an analog-type mode, and how the players liked/reacted to it.

I have played at (and am making) a mud like this with one exception.
Players get to see hp/mp/and endurance (move) points.  They like it from
what I've seen on the mud I used to play, but it takes a certain kind of
player.  People that like games with 100 hit/dam rolls and 25 character
stats across the board usually tend to not like non-numeric muds.
Also, I think people get bitchy when you take away the basic hp/mp/edurance
from them.  I personally think it would be great (I'm the type of guy who
likes role playing and characters who ask each other how many hit points
they have shouldn't know what the hell they are talking about), but players
get tense about it.

Hope this imput helps.

Chuck Reed

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