Hedit Version 2

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 05/08/98

just wanted to let everyone know i uploaded patches for the new version of
hedit (for oasis olc)..i uploaded two files, heditv2.tar.gz and
heditv2+olc.tar.gz..the first is just the editor, and the second is oasis
v1.6b with the editor..here's the readme (constructive criticism welcome)

this is a patch for an online help file editor..

this patch was made against stock 3.0 bpl 12 with the OasisOLC version
1.6b from the george greer's site..

to install, put the file heditv2.patch in your src directory..then type:
        patch < hediv2t.patch

if you see any hunks that have failed, you'll have to patch it manually
using the .rej files as a guide..

- standard disclaimer...this patch may indeed nuke your src, world files,
        mail files, torch your house, kill your dog, and make you get fired
        from your job..beware and make backups of your entire mud (especially
        help files)

- you must unify all your existing help files into a file called
        'help.hlp' under lib/text/help, and have this as the only entry
        in the 'index' file in that directory. the stock help files
        are included in this archive in the file 'help.hlp'.

- this also adds in help file min levels that will need to be set for
        immortal help entries (unless you want mortals to be able to get help
        on wiz commands)..thanks for this part go out to Akuma..you can reach
        him at doomer@bayou.com (or  kramer.tander.com 1666 as Akuma)

new features..
- help entries are saved internally first, and can be saved to disk later
        by typing 'hedit save' from the command line. (this has the fallout
        effect of not being able to edit the 'save' entry, but oh well)

- by popular request, you can now change the help entry keywords via menu,
        rather than entering them as the first line of the entry (as you
        had to do in version 1)

- this significantly changes the format of the help table, making it indexed
        by entry rather than keyword. this has the effect of making the help
        setup simlar to that of mobs, objs, and rooms, making it easier to
        understand. another benefit is the removal of a stock help bug (a
        potential memory overrun).

if you use this, you don't have to give me credit or anything..just drop by
my mud if you feel like it, and post a message on the board..and if you
wanted to pay me back, you could hunt down a bug or two before you left :)
if you have any problems, you can email me at siv@cyberenet.net..


cyberenet.net 4000

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