Re: [CODE] Arena code

From: Guyang Mao (gymao@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 05/09/98

> I have too implemented the Arena code from the ftp-site. But when
> I'm going to bid at a contestant, or when I type "awho", there seems
> to be no recollection of who's in the arena.
> There must be something wrong with the ARENA_ZONE function. I've defined
> it to be 21 (my Arena-zone runs from 2100 to 2176).
> What can be done?

I've imped the arena code... it worked perfectly.

What's wrong with that code you say?

Well, the sections of code that checks to see if the player is in the
ARENA_ZONE doesn't exactly work.  What you should do is take out that
check.  Undefine ARENA_ZONE if you want to and see where the errors
pop up.

That worked for me.

                                                                        - Guyang Mao

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