Re: ANTI_RACE_FLAGS 98 03:55:42 pm"

Date: 05/09/98

        Personally, I did away with all of the ANTI_RACE_* and all the
ANTI_CLASS_* flags.  Items have a size field, so if a human kill a dwarf
and take the armour of the body, it is going to be dwarf-sized and will
not fit. :)  Of course there could be shops that will alter armour size,
for a price.

        For the class fields, consider an item you'd normally make
PALADIN_ONLY, like a Holy Avenger.  In the hands of a common warrior,
its just a sword...but when wielded by the paladin, its magical
properties are available.

        Methods like this make the game much more enjoyable and flavourful
as opposed to "You cannot wield that!"-type messages.
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