Re: [oasisolc] [duh]

From: Ron Cole (rcole@SHELL.EZY.NET)
Date: 05/10/98

> zone 326
> top of zone 32799
> last room olc will save_internal is 32767
> it will set_up_new 32768 but want save in internal and of course to disk
> How can I change this I need more rooms.

Vnums and Rnums are defined as sh_int, short integers.  This gives them a
range of +/-32767.  You need to find all the references and change them to
long integers, giving you a range of +/-2 billion or so.  This will mess
up your rent and pfiles, so a conversion or wipe will be necessary.  On
the bright side, you'll have room for 2 million+ zones.  That should be
adequate for a time... :-)


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