Re: Adding a roomflag for !recall

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 05/10/98

Well, without seeing the rest of the code, I would suspect you need
to use ch->in_room which usually is the person issuing the command
for most functions. For a simple recall command, all you need declared
in the function is only one pointer of type char_data which, for clarity
sake, should be ch instead of vict.

Also, the way you have it coded below, if the room is flagged
ROOM_NORECALL, nothing occurs to let the player know what
is happenning. (It will seem to 'consume' the command) when in
effect, it is doing exactly what you want it to do.

Add some feedback and see where in the function the possible
problem is. I usually place a send_to_char("DEBUG 1\r\n", ch) in
every possible path thru a function until I find the problem. Just label
each debug statement a different number and you will see what path
thru the function execution is taking. Once you have the problem fixed,
remove the debug statements. You can often avoid tredging thru GDB
using this method.

if (ROOM_FLAGGED.......................) {
  send_to_char("DEBUG 1\r\n", ch); // or vict, whatever you declared
    // or I would actually have a permanent message sent to the player here
  send_to_char("The gods fail to answer your request.\r\n", ch);

Hope this helps,

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From: Del Minturn <caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET>
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Date: Sunday, May 10, 1998 9:36 AM
Subject: Re:  Adding a roomflag for !recall

>I added a flag for ROOM_NORECALL in structs.h
>I am trying to make it so the ASPELL(spell_recall) will not work
>in that room.
>When I tried to add
>  if (ROOM_FLAGGED(victim->in_room, ROOM_NORECALL))
>    return;
>it didn't work, can anyone tell me what I may have missed or did wrong?
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