Weight & Mass

From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 05/10/98

        Has anyone incorparated mass along with the weight of an item for the
usage of containers? For example, a canoe may weigh 50 pounds/units, and
your backpack maybe be able to hold 100 pounds/units of weight, but maybe
your backpack is only able to store a mass of of 50, and the canoe has a
mass of 200, thefore it won't fit into the backpack. I think this would add
a little realism to the game. The case I noticed where the stock system
lack is when a player has potions. Now to make potions weight 12 pounds
each is a little unrealistic (but then we are talking a fantasy based
game), but a lot of realms do make the potions weight this much so players
can not have 50 to 100 potions in a container. Would it not be easier to
have them a weight of 1 or 2 which is more realistic, but have them have a
mass of around 10?

        This system may also go for carrying items. A player may be able to lift
and carry 200 pounds, but to have may items in their hands (or inventory as
mud goes) would be a little bit harder because they all have mass. I have
been thinking about adding this, and it will take some work to make sure I
change all the occurances of weight and add mass, though I think in the
long run it will be worth it.

- Kyu -

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