Re: Object Conditions

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 05/10/98

> Let's say someone has a leather backpack. Where would
> you place check to indicate where and tear on something
> like that. It is possible for someone to never see combat and
> still have a backpack wear out. Hvae any ideas?
        Like I said before, when ever you change the value (or condition)
check then. When you change that value is up to you.  You could make it be
a random %, modified by whether its in use or not, per turn, or maybe only
check when someone types 'use' or 'put' etc..... in which case you could
throw it into something like obj_to_char, or obj_to_obj, or obj_from_char,
etc.. stuff like that...

        Maybe you want your attacks to randomly damage eq, if its in eq,
or being worn.. maybe you want spells like fireball to damage all eq..

        Its up to you - it should be obvious though, that you only have to
check when the condition is changed.


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