Object Conditions

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 05/10/98

I have increased the value[] array for objects to 8 instead of 4
and am using them for various things such as level restictions
and so forrth. Anyways, I am now using one to represent the
items condition (which is a percentage from 1 to 100). If an
item becomes worn or damaged, it will affect it's performance.
Also, if an item ever reaches a certain percentage, it is destroyed
(ruined/broken) and extracted from the game.

My question is, where should he checks for the item's condition be
placed? Would a function that runs through ever item in the game
every tick require to much processing? This would be the ideal way,
this way I could place 'wear and tear' on worn items to reflect time.
Would such a loop be feasible or does something similiar already
exist that I can place this code in?

I thought about placing the check for weapons inside fight.c every
time the weapon strikes, thus I can update this value and 'break'
the item if necessary. However, how could I handle things such
as armor and etc...

Thanks in advance,

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