Stock 'silly' bug

From: Xavier Pietsch (Tym_Lord@BIGFOOT.COM)
Date: 05/12/98

For all you nutty Implementors, such as I, Tym  ry this....
1) get implementor 1 and 2
2) switch implementor 1 into any old mob
3) switch implementor 2 into implementor 1's body
4) implmentor 2 type quit in implementor 1's boy dy

Now I have gott4n all kinds of cool crashes and errors
like getting NULL char_data to a random place in memory...
 Ah, just a silly bug but anybody cas re to 'get stupid'
and play with it?

I would but its just TO MUCH FUIN!

Note: if you try this I wouldn't type save as Implementor 1 after
the o body is gone, nice corruption :)

4 + 4 =             .

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