Re: Stock 'silly' bug

From: baktor (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 05/12/98

Xavier Pietsch wrote:
> For all you nutty Implementors, such as I, Tym  ry this....
> 1) get implementor 1 and 2
> 2) switch implementor 1 into any old mob
> 3) switch implementor 2 into implementor 1's body
> 4) implmentor 2 type quit in implementor 1's boy dy
> Now I have gott4n all kinds of cool crashes and errors
> like getting NULL char_data to a random place in memory...
>  Ah, just a silly bug but anybody cas re to 'get stupid'
> and play with it?
> I would but its just TO MUCH FUIN!
> Note: if you try this I wouldn't type save as Implementor 1 after
> the o body is gone, nice corruption :)

I thought this was fixed already...but you not only get to corrupt and get to do SERIOUS damage if you happen to be a lower level
god than the person  you switch into.

ie.     You are a greater god.
        Victim is an Implimentor

        switch into linkless Victim body or switch in while he's switched.
once in his body, the mud USE to allow all command HE is capable of, you become him.  I am not on the mud, nor am i close to code
so i don't know if it still does this.  This is a REAL security breech
if you get some buttwipe who switches into an IMP's body and decides to
have deleting all the players and wizlocking the place...or
anything equivilent.  I hope we can see where this may lead....quinn for
some reason comes to mind.

Anyways, I thought this was covered about a year ago but apparently not?

Baktor Silvanti of Radark

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