Re: Level Restrictions

From: baktor (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 05/13/98


i don't wish to pick bones or anything of the sort but i'm curious how
you see forgotten realms or D&D in general as a place where new, low
level ppl don't group up with high level ppl and go adventuring and
stuff.  Most of the forgotten realms books are purely based on such
adventures.  (kender come to mind, and that red mage rastlin{sp?}) Key
parts of many of the books are about one member or the other finding
gear that they have NO idea what it does magically and so forth...and
saving the day by accidently using the eq.  Shrug, i just felt this
message was weird and i had to respond...concider it dead.

now then, on to level restrictions.  Just like everything else in don't like it out or don't use it to begin with.  I
feel that level restrictions are necessary to some degree, but not
required on every single piece of eq.  God weapons and that junk most
builders build first normally need level restrictions...and yes, high
level zones prolly should have level-restricted gear.

Blah blah blah guys have beaten this to death already, later.

Baktor Silvanti

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