Re: [OFFTOPIC] Seeking a Friendly Coder

From: Axiem (bertelse@SWBELL.NET)
Date: 05/15/98

Quinn ShadowStalker wrote:

> As since that flame about me went around my coder quit out of distrust and
> every other person Ive tried to hire has attempted to screw me over, right
> now I am in the process of looking for a new "Quinn Friendly" coder that
> would want to share the responsibltys of Imp-Hood and share the postion of
> head coder, if you know of any experinced coder, who would like this job,
> please ask them to email as I would gladly take them in and have them work
> as a business partner and as a friend.
> -Quinn ShadowStalker

Really, if I had the time and utilities to do so, I would, but, unfortunetly,
I'm very busy as of currently, and will be in the not-so-far-off-future. And
also, I still have to figure out how to compile stock circle.

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