From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 05/16/98

        I think a lot of us have decided simply to respond with RTFC,
RTFM, RTFF, and, while the victim may need to do these things, it isn't
really helpful nor does it help anybody else by posting THAT message to
the list.
        I have sent out a few RTFC's and the like in the past also.  It
doesn't help, the people just ignore it as a flame.  Perhaps we can think
of something more constructive.
        Also, to an anonymous wannabe coder out there, I'd appreciate it
if you would not simply download my contributions from the web site,
change the command names, and redistribute it.
        We all (all meaning everyone except those that emphatically deny
the charges) need to change our ways here to some extent.  Over a 6 month
period, I have watched a lot of deterioration (I remember, even then, we
helped newbies to the list) on this list over time.  Here are some ways I
think we could clear some problems up.
  * When you go to post a message, look at it, and decide if it is code
related.  Clues would be "I wrote this piece of code, but I can't see the
error in it.  Can you look at it?" and "Here is a section of
act.informative.c."  This makes it easier to determine how we're trying to
  * Realize that there are numerous FAQ's related to the CircleMUD list.
Look at them.  A great portion of you haven't even looked at the list FAQ
(I know just from some of the posts).
  * If you're a newbie, and you're asking "where do I get OasisOLC for
mobprogs" and such, try looking at the CircleMUD ftp site.  It's pretty
well documented, and I've never had trouble finding stuff there.
  * Be familiar with important CircleMUD web sites.  George's site,, and Alex's snippet site,, and various others
(DG Scripts web page at, for example) are great resources.
  * Find a coder that you can possibly correspond with directly to help
you with your problems.  I'm sure there are many willing individuals,
willing to point out that simple oversight you made.
  * Take a little time, sometimes, to look at your code before you post.
It's preturbing when people can't figure out why their "sned_to_char" call
isn't working.
  * Don't use little stars for bulleted lists.

Anyway, this isn't intended to rag on anybody or anything like that at
all.  Please just try to be courteous and helpful here, and it will help
out a lot.

Belgarath of Allanthya MUD ( and Etheria

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