Re: Netiquette

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 05/16/98

On Sat, 16 May 1998, Phooey182 wrote:

->I think it would be slightly more constructive to tell people that the answers
->they seek can be found in the FAQs and other documentation.  Statements like
->RTFC are pretty rude, IMHO.  And do total newbies even know what 'RTFC' means?
->I sure didn't when I first started on this list.

Then they go look at the FAQ in an attempt to figure out what the hell
RTFC means.  And, to the best of my memory (which isn't all that
great), no-one has expressed any dismay at being told to RTFx.

->I would also suggest e-mailing directly to the newbie, and not to the list,
->when saying something like, 'It's in the code, read it!'  I hate going through
->all the Circle mailings and half of them are RTFC statements.  Let the list be
->for relevant material.

I hate going through Circle mailings and half of them being two line
messages with no punctuation, capitalization, etc. and more
importantly, no real point.

There are two fundamental problems with sending these types of
messages ("RTFC") via private email.  First, everyone will take it
upon theirself to send the RTFC message -- now the newbie has 60
RTFCs ... and still doesn't know what "RTFC" means. :)  Secondly, it
leads to the same questions (or type of questions) being sent a few
weeks later.  I've yet to see someone send a, "How do I do X?" again
after receiving a RTFx.

->"Yea, I'm on AOL.  Wanna make something of it!"

Just as I'm not about to start shoving people in wheelchairs out into
oncoming traffic simply because they're in a wheelchair, I'm not going
to start the verbal lashings just because you're on AOL.  (If you're
witty -- or I'm not as subtle as I thought I was -- you probably
realized I just equated being on AOL to be "physically challenged"
[oooh, PC terminology!]).


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