[FIX REQUEST] Races & Body Parts

From: Eduo (eduo@CIATEQ.MX)
Date: 05/18/98


I had been thinking about implementing diferring races on the mud
(diferring in shape) and then someone posted the race_body.diff file to
the ftp. I saw it as a good starting point but I can't seem to make it
work. It doesn't seem to work even on stock circle.

I have noticed a few things, two of them the most important issues I want
to fix:

Objects won't be recognized as the new body parts, it would give the
message "the item is not wearable" or something. The other part is that
the object doesn't reflect what position it is intended for. The latter I
suspect has to do with the lack changes to the "wear_bits" in constants.c
by the patch (which also pays no attention to Makefile or Makefile.in
withouth hinting as much). The reason behind not being able to wear is
beyond me.

Now, before you all start pulling the crystal balls this mail was only to
ask if someone had tried it on and found the errors (and found them easy
to fix and how). I can't dedicate as much time to coding as I'd like right
now (I am looking for another job and some other stuff you probably don't
care about..:)

Has anyone got any opinions on this piece of code?

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