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Date: 05/18/98

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From: Tony Maro <tmaro@TACSYS.COM>

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From:   Ron Cole [SMTP:rcole@EZY.NET]
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>>Do you have to know how to fix your car to drive it? NO.
>>Do you have to know how to build your house to live in it? NO.
>>Do you have to know how to code to "Run" a mud? NO.

>READ THE FAQ!  YES I AM YELLING!  Geez - everyone's
>been through this before.  Don't attempt a MUD if you are
>not a veteran programmer.

This, my friend, is garbage.
You do not have to be a "veteran programmer", I agree that
some form of programming experience definitely comes in
very useful, but providing one has a tidy C book and the right
kind of mind, then it's possible without any experience.

>If you do, keep your mouth shut and don't waist
>everyone's time with stupid questions.

Yes, the list is being abused by ppl like Quinn and
JWoodsIII who want the collective presence to write their
MUDs for them.  This isn't what the list is for, and they are
being treated with the contempt they deserve, plus a hearty
dose of RTFC/M/F.  But you cannot sit there and tell everyone
to "shut it with the stupid questions" when some of the newbs
may have some valid ideas, and problems that aren't your
standard, oops, I forgot a brace type problems.

And btw I think you will find the literate proportion of the
community on this list like to use "waste" in the above

>The first thing you read when you download the code is don't try it
>if you aren't an experienced programmer!  I believe the statement
>made by those who developed Circle is... A mud is NOT a
>programming learning experience!

Dude, it's such a closed mind attitude!!!
I came to Circle coding, cold, not knowing one thing about C
programming, but I did it because I wanted to set up my own
MUD.  I've been teaching myself, and I am *learning* (gosh!)
new things all the time.  I am also coping quite adaquately and
have never had to post to this group with the "waaaaah, this
doesn't work and I don't know why" kinda questions that the
current newbs are posting on a regular basis.

In short, Circle is different for everyone, and while it may not
be recommended to code a MUD with no previous
experience, it shouldn't just be written off with "it is NOT a
programming learning experience".

Nuff said.


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