Re: Netiquette? [OFF TOPIC]

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 05/18/98

On Mon, 18 May 1998, Evz wrote:

->This, my friend, is garbage.
->You do not have to be a "veteran programmer", I agree that
->some form of programming experience definitely comes in
->very useful, but providing one has a tidy C book and the right
->kind of mind, then it's possible without any experience.

He didn't say you _have_ to be a "veteran" programmer to run a MUD.
He said you should _or_ if you don't, then ...

->>keep your mouth shut and don't waist everyone's time with stupid
->But you cannot sit there and tell everyone to "shut it with the
->stupid questions" when some of the newbs may have some valid ideas,
->and problems that aren't your standard, oops, I forgot a brace type

Which has absolutely no bearing on what he said.  No-one is replying
to intelligent questions with "RTFC".  It wouldn't even make sense to
reply to a legitimate question with RTFx.  However, questions that can
be easily answered _do_ and _should_ get the RTFx.

->And btw I think you will find the literate proportion of the
->community on this list like to use "waste" in the above

And, btw, I think you will find the literate _portion_ of the
community on this list not to _waste_ their time with idiotic spelling
flames -- especially since the majority of said flames have spelling,
vocabulary, and/or grammar errors, such as your own.

->Dude, it's such a closed mind attitude!!!

No, it's a legitimate and purposeful statement.  No-one is going to
_stop_ a newbie coder from attempting a MUD.  But the warnings will
certainly discourage the wise newbies that know their limitations.

->I came to Circle coding, cold, not knowing one thing about C
->programming, but I did it because I wanted to set up my own

Good for you!  No-one is saying you _can't_ do this.  You're one of
the rare few who are capable of learning this way.  Now go pat
yourself on the back and stop figuring just because _you_ can, anyone
can.  All men were _not_ created equal.

->I've been teaching myself, and I am *learning* (gosh!)  new things
->all the time. I am also coping quite adaquately and have never had
->to post to this group with the "waaaaah, this doesn't work and I
->don't know why"  kinda questions that the current newbs are posting
->on a regular basis.

What do you want, a cookie?  You're supposed to learn things on your
own and you're not supposed to whine!

->In short, Circle is different for everyone, and while it may not be
->recommended to code a MUD with no previous experience, it shouldn't
->just be written off with "it is NOT a programming learning

It isn't.  "Hello, world," is a programming learning experience.  What
is so hard to see about this?  Since when is a massive chunk of code a
learning tool when you can't understand a little chunk of code?!

->Nuff said.

I beg to differ.  Too much said -- and no points made.

-dak : I can't see me replying to anything else in this thread ...

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