Re: Netiquette? Also, [NEW CODE ANNOUNCEMENT]

From: Mark A. Heilpern (heilpern@MINDSPRING.COM)
Date: 05/19/98

At 08:55 PM 5/18/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Ouch...that kind of hurt. First of all, I believe Quinn has written a number
>of patches himself, and released them to the public. Supposedly pretty good
>ones too.

Hrm. Nevermind. I was going to address this, but I'll abstain, leaving others
to build a flamewar of insanity.

Ok, down to ObCircle business. In what I've seen, many muds out there use
a seperate port for builders vs. players. One problem with this is you
either have
to be logged into both muds, leaving two windows to monitor, or you just plain
don't feel comfortable. One possible solution to this is to use IMC or
to link your ports together. Another is to use a private messaging system.

Using (POSIX?) Linux system calls from the IPC family, I've created such a
system. With it, typing "who" shows you players logged into both ports
their invis level is at or below your level), the gossip channel and wiznet
channels are
carried across both ports, and the potential for extension is present. In
order to use
this patch, you're going to have to have system support for msgget() and
it's family
of calls.

For this initial release I'm making the patch available by ftp only, ftp to
Note that this patch has not had any install testing. The code within it
has had
limited testing in my MUD and seems to not crash. One heads-up warning:
the "who" command will appear to cause you to lag for a few seconds; this is
intentional - a delay before the next prompt is displayed, while giving the
port time to reply to the remote-who request.

This patch is made against a stock bpl12 CircleMUD, and, in case I wasn't
the communications package is limited to exactly two mud ports, running on the
same machine.

Once you install this (if you install this?) read the BuilderCom-ReadMe for
the simple configuration information. As delivered, it thinks your main
port is
4000 and your builder port is 4030 (co-incidentally enough, thats how it is on
my MUD). Modify msgs.h to make this correct for your MUD.

Have fun...

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