[CODE] Obuild .08 Problem

From: Leonard Burns IV (lburns@CLIPPER.NET)
Date: 05/18/98

I just patched in Obuild .08 into my bpl11 code, and everything went
like a charm except it failed on config.c and I had to do it by hand
from then on. But I'm having a problem with objs setting the wrong
values. I'll explain:

I load up and oedit obj 6900, which is a blank weapon 1d1 with weapon
type 4. I do an ostat, vstat or just plain stat and it shows it as a
STAFF, where it should've been a WEAPON. Then I change it to type
WEAPON. (oset weapon) and it changes the weapon type to 5 now.

This is after I restored the "int value[3]" back to original, I had an
extra one for level restrictions. It was doing to same thing before as
it is now. I assume that somewhere its reading the same variables or
something, because I can't seem to find anything wrong.

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions/places to look for this problem I'd
appreciate it.

Leonard Burns IV

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