Re: [AD] Builders wanted....

From: Eduo (eduo@CIATEQ.MX)
Date: 05/19/98

On Mon, 18 May 1998, Pat O'Laughlin wrote:

> Anyone who is good with OasisOLC and will be a serious worker, can come
> to a new MUD to build.  Telnet to: port 5000

An idle comment:

I think you're not looking for people good with OasisOLC, but good at
building and/or with good ideas for new worlds and zones.

Being good with OasisOLC and thinking that helps building is a
misconception, as if being good with Word made you a good book writer.

Just a comment I wanted to let go, since it is not the first time I see
OasisOLC experience as the requirements for builders, but not building
itself (this is a common error in job requirements, RL jobs, BTW..:)

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