Re: Netiquette? and help file idea

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 05/19/98

Daniel? you trying to help or something? trying to get the last word again(more
flame wars have started this way)?  Please just stick to circle ideas like this

obcircle: (you know, that thing that all serious people on this list should
include in their mail. (hypocrit))

Ok.. sorry about the above, but I had to.

Here is the idea. (gotten from a player)
an index command for the help files. you give it a word or letter and it returns
a list of all help entries that begin with that word or letter.  Can't be that
hard, I am gonna see if i can munge it up today unless someone else wants to
post something like this.

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Subject: Re:  Netiquette? [OFF TOPIC]
Date:    5/18/98 10:17 PM

On Mon, 18 May 1998, Evz wrote:

<Daniel's trying to get the last word removed>

-dak : I can't see me replying to anything else in this thread ...

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