[password][curruption?] Any Ideas

From: Mike Carpenter (abram@DELTANET.COM)
Date: 05/20/98

Okay this bug was discovered yesterday, but who knows how long it has been
in my code.  I haven't to my recollection adjusted the password code in the
slightest.  What
is happening, is players can type in another players name then type in
garbage for
the password and it lets them in...strange though, it doesnt work for all
the players
but most.

There are no errors being listed, and I have compared the code in
with stock code and there are no differences between the con_password
section.  Do
you guys have any idea what could cause this?

I did change in act.wizard.com the section on setting the password, but all
i did there
was remove the check for idnum being > 1 so that all IMPS could change
could that have done it?  Is my pfile corrupted and that is causing this
bug?  Any ideas?

Thanks for any input

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