Re: DG scripts

From: The Merciless lord of Everything (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 05/22/98

> I just got DG scripts and i must say... They kick a$$!
> Im still a newbie but i made some cool elevator for example.
> But theres one problem. My mecho and mechoaround dont work!
*grin* I had the same problem, Never got around to tell anyone it

Look in Interpreter.c and see MECHOAROUND is defined before
MECHO, which means that whenever the mob Executes the command MECHO
it will compare it to MECHOAROUND and since MECHO is contained in
MECHOAROUND, it will get executed.

A fix for this :
Take the
{ "mecho", POS_DEAD, do_mecho, 0,0 },
and move it ABOVE
{ "mechoaround", POS_DEAD, do_mechoaround, 0, 0},

Or even better yet.. Sort them alphabetically.. :)

S. P. Skou
Serces - Ancient at the Realm of Chaos - 4000

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