Re: [Newbie] Win95 OLC Add-on Error

From: Mundi King (kingmundi@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 05/26/98

ive noticed quite a few messages lately that show up
in my mailbox from the circlemud mailing list that have attachements,
the attachements end up being the same message only in a smaller font,
mr nantel's message is one of them

---Mathieu Nantel <nant@VIDEOTRON.CA> wrote:

> I achieved compiling CircleMUD 3.11, and then tried to add OLC,
already knowing it was nice to have it. I proceded as it was
mentionned (unzipped the files in my src dir, change the makefile),
> but it went boom when I compiled the makefile:

by any chance, did you remember to go into msvc, and add the files
oedit.c redit.c etc... to the project?
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