Re: [Question][Newbie-Sorta][Longish] Weapon Spell Affections.

From: Owen Brodal-Robertson (firemage@ZIP.COM.AU)
Date: 05/26/98

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>On Tue, 26 May 1998, Jon Barrett wrote:

>->It always helps to _understand_ the code before you go messing with it.  If
>->you understood the code, you would know to look at equip_char() in
>-> handler.c(unequip_char() too), right around line 513

>Hmm, well, I don't know about understanding the code (I write code I
>don't understand a lot of time :), but considering the capability is
>mentioned in building.doc, section 5-4 -- I think RTFM applies a lot
>more than RTFC.

Heh, I understood the code perfectly, and I do understand bitvectors,
it was just that I wrote the letter at 12:08am, and after getting up at
4:00am I was just SLIGHTLY tired... anyway, I found out what I did
wrong, I actually copied the object apply code, and set my
sscanf to (line, "%d", t + 1);
I deleted the wrong "t", so instead of reading to t[0], I was reading
the bitvector to t[1]... found out after getting a bit of sleep and re
reading the code *blush*.

>->  Did you take the time to look at the snippets page?  I know for certain
>->there is a no brainer snippet that will _tell_ you how to do exactly what
>->you want....

Yeah, I looked at it, but couldn't get it to work because of the previous reason
(reading to t[1], not t[0])... BTW I DID look at equip_char, and unequip_char,
that's why I didn't just change the structres blindly... I do have SOME coding

>Don't patronize people for trying something for themselves.  There's
>so many better reasons to.




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