[Question][Newbie-Sorta][Longish] Weapon Spell Affections.

From: Owen Brodal-Robertson (firemage@ZIP.COM.AU)
Date: 05/26/98

Ok, I need some help with the following...

I'm trying to get objects to set the AFF bits
after fooling around making changes I added
another case in the parse_object function
this all works fine and dandy... but what I
want to know, is what I have to change in
any of the structures... I see that
obj_flag_data has a long, called bitvector,
so I wrote myself a routine that did the following:

long find_aff(long affect)
  long tmp;
  switch (affect) {
    case 0: tmp = AFF_BLIND; break;
    case 1: tmp = AFF_INVISIBLE; break;
    default: tmp = AFF_UNUSED20; break;

  return tmp;
this is called in the case statement
of parse_object using the following:

obj_proto[i].obj_flags.bitvector = find_aff(t[0]);

I think that's it... if I've stuffed the syntax it's
a typo, because in my code it's ok.

now, when I do a vstat obj, whatever, it
always comes up as set char bits: UNUSED

can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

(BTW I also want to change the structure so I can
have objects that do more than one affection, could
I do this by changing bitvector to
long bitvector[MAX_AFFECTIONS]
and then modifying the affect code to loop until


I'm RTFCING like crazy, this one just has me

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