Re: Adding room traps

From: JTP94 (JTP94@AOL.COM)
Date: 05/26/98

The way I implemented my basic traps was to put checks upon entering the room
if it was flagged with a certain ROOM_TRAP_FIRE or any of my other trap flags.
I soon realized this was just not going to be good using all my room flags for
traps. So currently I am implementing TRAP OBJECTS which are linked to items
in rooms so players can disarm the traps themselves and not the chest...

For example:
You see a locked larged wooden chest.
>examine chest
You spot a <thin wire> attached to the chest.
>disarm wire
OH NO! Your skills as a thief are shameful!
....At this point call the trap procedure which has a case statement of the
trap number on value 0 of object trap.
My traps values are
0 - trap number used in switch statement.
1 - # of triggers for trap.   Some traps can fire multiple darts before you
get by them.
     so players have to take the hits or get someone to disarm it.
2 - Level of player to reset trap... Players can make traps which is a whole
      page long essay on how traps work in my mud. :>
3 - Is it magical 0 for no 1 for yes. If magical only mages can reset it. I
have about
      95 skills in my mud and not all are combat oriented.
Also I have my own object hit points code along with material type code which
comes into play when a trap is attacked by players. If you hit the trap then
it damages it,but also triggers it onto the attacker.

If you'd like I can post my Trap links to mobs and players for use in things
such as contingency spells for player deaths or thievery.

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