Adding room traps

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 05/21/98

I am trying to plan a method to allow traps in rooms
that can be a) activated automatically when a player
enters the room and b) activated in a random manner

I really want a way that I can write a spec_proc and
have random chances of a trap being triggered based
on the number of players in the room and etc....

Am I right in thinking that room spec_procs are only
executed when something happens in the room such as a
command being entered? (I mean the server doesn't check
for room spec_procs every X pulses does it?)

If I were to make it so that it did, do you think this
would increase the lag considerably  (I mean would running
through the entire list of rooms checking for a spec_proc
create significant load)?

Does anyone have any clever ways to implement such a

Thanks in advance,

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