From: Xavier Pietsch (Tym_Lord@BIGFOOT.COM)
Date: 05/28/98

  I saw a thread on here the other day, but
I don't remember who, requesting on how to
save on set file in Ascii Pfiles.......

  I did this a while back, and off the top of my head
I believe in save_char there is a line of code...

  if (....!ch->desc)

Or something...., any how, I took off the !ch->desc,
But, 1 thing remains with this, is that if you
want the host to save, your going to 1 have to
make another variable for host on the character....
or some sort of temp variable....

so below where there is a strn_cpy or something for
the host of the player...I believe you want to do an
if (ch->desc)
  save info
  replacement.....let it be GET_CHAR_HOST....what ever
  you deside it to be....

if anybody has a better way to do the host save please
please send it on here, I don't like the way that is
..it seems to me like messy code...and I don't like

- Tym

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