[CODE]Mobprogs,OasisOLC and BPL12

From: Andrew E. (ambrious@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 05/28/98

I just recently added myself to the list. I dont have C or coding
experience, but have learned enough to read the code. I have been
revising post.queensu.ca/~listserv to see if anyone has has posted my
question, but only found something similar.
I've managed to patch in OasisOLC 1.6b and decided to add on MOBprogs,
tried the version the posted on
CircleMud solution page, but it was created for bpl11.
My question is, has anyone implemented MOBprogs with
OasisOLC 1.6b on bpl12, or is there a patch somewhere out there? Have
revised the snippets and patch pages without result. Thanks to all,


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