Re: [Newbie][Utils] Patch and Credits

From: Baktor Silvanti (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 06/01/98


just  a side note to those that post html links...wouldn't it be smart
to do a quick check to see if they are what you think?  I pulled these
up being interested in the topic at hand as i don't like the MSVC
windiff.  1 site was japanese, which doesn't help much to most of us, 2
sites had that html page, but the patch links were definately dead.  the
1 link never resolves for me...which may be a problem on this end...and
only 1 site left, which DID work...  I know your not responsible for
these sites, I know you have no control over search engine results, nor
are you responsible for ppl who can't look for themselves.  What i
personally WOULD do though is if i'm going to bother even posting to
such a thing, I'd at least make sure I give something ppl can actually
use...and a quick click to see if it works doesn't take that long to
do...some poor ba$t@rd is trying to get files from your helpful post and
low and behold he's hung dry. (shrug, dak is rubbing off on ppl)

now then, with that off me head lets try this ObCircle: thingy

I was taking a look at all the snippets/fixes/patches/junk out there
for circle and I noticed one thing that comes across alot.  The section
of the fix/patch where it gives credit where credit is due.  Then i
think of all the muds I've been too...and the lame excuse i've seen for
credits.  I think the most credit's I've seen on a site were 9 ppl, and
that was on a mud that had patchs out the whazoo.  So my idea to throw
out to you guys is prolly nothing new but for as long as i've been on
the list i've not seen it talked about much.  Why not make a new
function that returns the credits?  I was thinking a file much like motd
or imotd that is read in on startup and is displayed at least in 2

1.  when a new character is logged in, they get to register the char and
are shown the credit's for that mud.

2.  when a player types "credits" or somesuch which would do just like
motd does.

I would do it like this because i feel that credit's would be a LARGE
(screenwise) file for alot of muds and most normal users would not wish
to see it everytime they log in, but would see it if they so wish to.
2. simplicity for IMPs.  Code the function so that the file is read from
start to EOF, no delimitors, no cares as to what's in the file.  That
way all the coder has to do is copy the credits that's normally in the
readme/patch and paste it into the file...reload it and your done.

Would somebody approve/disapprove/care for such a thing? Idea's OptionS?

Baktor Silvanti

//Okay, who put a "stop payment" on my reality check?

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