Re: [Code][Weird] Changing ASCII or something like that

From: Dan Argent (mbax7dja@FS1.CS.MAN.AC.UK)
Date: 06/02/98

Circlemud was corrupted by America!
....Grr.... spell colour propely

> Circle MUD was originally compiled as an English Application right? Ok, now
> the thing is that I am french, and I would like to make something
> different... a French MUD. Now I don't want to change the commands, neither
> the code or stuff. I just want to be able to write in french, that is I want
> to be able to use characters like "e" or "u" or things like that (not sure
> if you guys even see those characters).
> Would someone suggest me anything I could do?




<sorry,  this is not helping you with your problem...>

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