Seperate Files

From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 06/02/98

        Was just curious, I have browsed the CircleMUD FTP site just a few ago,
and noticed the src directory. I was just wondering if there might be a way
to only download parts of CircleMUD. I was just looking to download one
file, where as I wanted to compare my file to a stock one. The file happens
to be "comm.c". I don't have a stock circle on my computer at this time,
and I can't seem to find the disk that I zipped it onto. I was wondering if
there was a site where you could download one file at a time. It would be
nice if a stock area was setup for all the files that are in CircleMUD so
they could be gotten one at a time. If this is already on the FTP site, I
am sorry for wasting your time.

- Lord Kyu -

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