Re: [AD] Cybermud

From: Ryan Guthrie--Sim (circle@DKMUD.DK)
Date: 06/02/98

No, he has never been related to Cybermud except i went and visited his
mud and talked to him.  Cybermud's origional site was but we moved to an ISP on a T1.

For the second part:  You always have to leave in the credits in the title
screen etc...When you can look and compare at all the functions and say
they all have a significent change in them, then it isn't diku/circle

On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, John Woods wrote:

> In a message dated 98-06-02 15:42:25 EDT, circle@DKMUD.DK writes:
> << We are currently looking for world builders.  We have a dedicated site for
>  the mud.  Two muds run, one for the players and one for the immortals to
>  build on(so they can crash and not bother each other)  We use Oasis OLC
>  and I have added in mob programs.  We are looking to eventuly replace the
>  entire stock world(or almost all of it) with our own.  The type of areas
>  we are looking for isn't very specific.  Basically mythological time
>  periods and nothing modern.  We haven't advertised the mud for players
>  yet but we will do that when the world is suitable.  Visit 4600
>  to visit the players site. >>
> Uh...maybe I have this wrong...and maybe I misunderstood your subject, but
> isn't Quinn's MUD called CyberMUD? But then again, it doesn't follow certain
> basic CircleMUD guidelines that it's supposed to, like for example he didn't
> have CREDITS in for a long time, until someone asked him to add them.
> I also have a question. How much modification does a game need before it isn't
> truly CircleMUD anymore, and [at least] the stuff at the title screen can be
> removed or changed slightly? Or is it always required? Because I've added some
> information about my code to it, which makes it a bit long. And contrary to
> popular belief, most of my code was NOT written by the Circle list, unless you
> count the big patches, like OasisOLC w/DG (which I am planning on modifying as
> well in the future).
> Thanks,
> -JW (aka Elrelet)
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