[AD] Cybermud

From: Ryan Guthrie--Sim (circle@DKMUD.DK)
Date: 06/02/98

We are currently looking for world builders.  We have a dedicated site for
the mud.  Two muds run, one for the players and one for the immortals to
build on(so they can crash and not bother each other)  We use Oasis OLC
and I have added in mob programs.  We are looking to eventuly replace the
entire stock world(or almost all of it) with our own.  The type of areas
we are looking for isn't very specific.  Basically mythological time
periods and nothing modern.  We haven't advertised the mud for players
yet but we will do that when the world is suitable.  Visit dkmud.dk 4600
to visit the players site.

Respond to circle@dkmud.dk, sim@dkmud.dk, or guthrie@henge.com

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