Re: [AD] Cybermud

From: John Woods (JWoodsIII@AOL.COM)
Date: 06/02/98

In a message dated 98-06-02 15:42:25 EDT, circle@DKMUD.DK writes:

<< We are currently looking for world builders.  We have a dedicated site for
 the mud.  Two muds run, one for the players and one for the immortals to
 build on(so they can crash and not bother each other)  We use Oasis OLC
 and I have added in mob programs.  We are looking to eventuly replace the
 entire stock world(or almost all of it) with our own.  The type of areas
 we are looking for isn't very specific.  Basically mythological time
 periods and nothing modern.  We haven't advertised the mud for players
 yet but we will do that when the world is suitable.  Visit 4600
 to visit the players site. >>

Uh...maybe I have this wrong...and maybe I misunderstood your subject, but
isn't Quinn's MUD called CyberMUD? But then again, it doesn't follow certain
basic CircleMUD guidelines that it's supposed to, like for example he didn't
have CREDITS in for a long time, until someone asked him to add them.

I also have a question. How much modification does a game need before it isn't
truly CircleMUD anymore, and [at least] the stuff at the title screen can be
removed or changed slightly? Or is it always required? Because I've added some
information about my code to it, which makes it a bit long. And contrary to
popular belief, most of my code was NOT written by the Circle list, unless you
count the big patches, like OasisOLC w/DG (which I am planning on modifying as
well in the future).

-JW (aka Elrelet)

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