Re: Storing Obj's

From: Benjamin Draper (satrycus@DRACHENBURG.DEMON.CO.UK)
Date: 06/02/98

Items that have -1 as their item number are usually things created
by the MUD, like mail and corpses. The reason why they don't save is
because they are 'unique' items, and in stock circle the rent files
only contain information that is likely to be changed during game
play, i.e. values. You can of course expand the rent files, to include
the long desc, short desc, and name list, and have a fiddle at loading
a 'blank' object prototype and overlaying these, or for things like
corpses you can cheat. That is, store the vnum or idnum of the victim
in one of the object values and recreate the corpse when a player enters
the MUD. I don't suggest renting mail.

What exactly are you wanting to rent?

-> Ben

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