Re: Storing Obj's

From: Jesper Andersen (knight@STOFANET.DK)
Date: 06/02/98

>Items that have -1 as their item number are usually things created
>by the MUD, like mail and corpses. The reason why they don't save is
>because they are 'unique' items, and in stock circle the rent files
>only contain information that is likely to be changed during game
>play, i.e. values. You can of course expand the rent files, to include
>the long desc, short desc, and name list, and have a fiddle at loading
>a 'blank' object prototype and overlaying these, or for things like
>corpses you can cheat. That is, store the vnum or idnum of the victim
>in one of the object values and recreate the corpse when a player enters
>the MUD. I don't suggest renting mail.
>What exactly are you wanting to rent?

I know I didnt posted this, but I wanna do something similari. Something
like saving a unik quest-item given by a god for a live quest. You know
something to add the roleplaying part of the game. It could be a exact copy
of another object and only the name/short/long descript was changed, to make
it look different. But what are a unik item worth if it is lost after a
reboot, or when you quits?

>-> Ben


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