Re: problem

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 06/03/98

> I have recently added do_jail.txt code in and i have been getting this
> error when i compile the changes:
> ?????:act.wizard.c:2020: undetermined character constant
> I looked at lin 2020 and all it is, is the defualt part telling the
> character that he/she put in a wrong command. anyone have any ideas?

        I think you might want to join the 'newbies' list, of which I do
not know the address, as I am not on it.  As has been said numerous,
numerous times in the past, an unterminated (not determined), character
constant is a line such as:

        sprintf(buf,"No Mr.%s, I expect you to die, GET_NAME(ch));


        send_to_char("Your dearth of knowledge will be the end of you,ch);

  As we can see, the string is not _terminated_ with a double-quote.

  This is very _very_ basic c. If you're going to code, learn how to do it


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