Re: Thoughts About Abbreviations

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 06/03/98

> >         Have you ever had two characters on - one named Kat, the other
> > Kathal, and try typing "tell kat hi".  I'd have to assume that based on
> Well as far as this part goes you can do like example:
> tell kat hi and or tell kath hi or even try tell 2.kat hi
> theses should work.
from the mud, using the abbreviations patch.

> who
  1 Xipper  (Nicam)
 10 Xip  (Nicam) (Idle 1m)

> tell xip hi
You tell Xipper, 'hi'

> tell 2.xip hi
You tell Xip, 'hi'

        This should be the reverse, I'd think..

        This is only the case if the character with the longer name logs
in after the character with the shorter name logs in, due to the way the
list of playing characters is created when they log in (not the index
which is based on time of creation anyway).

        Is this also an oversight in stock circle?


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