Re: Patrick Dughi and ban code

From: Stefan Wasilewski (smw@TRITONNETWORKS.COM)
Date: 06/04/98


This functionality is found within the public release of the DG codebase
that Eric has available on his home page (
It's also found in the Thieves World code base, which is messy at best,
but I'd be very willing to send you the relevant code -- assuming you
didn't already have a copy of it yourself.

The DG codebase really has the better implementation of it, as it moves
the nameserver/identd code to a separate process, thus reducing problems
with nameserver timeouts, identd's that don't respond, etc.

This functionality was written by Dave Berry (not Barry) while he worked
with Eric and I for a few months before DG closed down.

Have a good day,


(aka Puck of DG)

>        I was curious if anyone had altered the ban code to work with the
>username lookup, to ban specific users from a mud.  It seems to be useful
>with the number of university and college students, so that way you don't
>end up wasting a whole site.
>        I'd do it, but recently, I've had trouble making time for myself.
>                                        PjD

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